Since it was established in 1990 as an electrical contracting company, ARA Lighting and Sound Inc. has kept pace with technology and transformed into a respected leader in home automation.  


Our services include complete design and installation of TV cabling systems, network systems, phone systems, security/video surveillance systems, lighting control, multi-room distributed audio and automated shades. For the last 13 years, Lutron, the leading manufacturer of lighting control systems and automated shades, has trusted ARA as an Authorized Service Centre on large scale commercial projects including shopping malls, government buildings, office towers and luxury hotels. ARA also works with other industry leaders such as Elan (automation), Niles (speakers), DSC (security), NEST (thermostats), and IC Realtime (video surveillance) to bring all clients the best products on the market. 

By choosing ARA, our residential customers benefit from our vast knowledge and experience gained from our commercial projects while working with a family business that cares to deliver the best service within your budget. 



Lighting control can be as simple as controlling one light in a room or as complex as controlling lights in a whole house.  There are many benefits of a lighting control system including:  


When leaving your home and arming your security system, you will have the knowledge and peace of mind that all your lights have been turned off and key lights have been left on. This gives your home a “lived in” look while you are away.  For added security, if you are going to be on vacation, you can program the lighting system to turn lights on and off at various times throughout the day so your home never looks vacant.



With lighting control, you will save energy by being able to turn lights off with a simple push of the button and therefore not leaving

lights on when they are not needed or rooms are unoccupied. This will reduce your energy consumption.  A lighting control system allows you to dim lights rather than having all lights burning at full intensity.  This translates to energy saved as well as increased lamp life and therefore you will change bulbs less by increasing the lamps' life which means less bulbs being thrown in the garbage.  



With a lighting control system, you can have the convenience of controlling lights from key locations within your house using keypads installed at key locations such as the front door, the side door, or your bedside table.  For example, when leaving your home from the front door you can turn lights on and off with a simple push of a button without going room to room. From a bedside table control, you can turn lights off without leaving your bed.  No more walking room to room turning lights on and off.



Lighting control systems add value to your home.  Consumers today appreciate modern technology which simplifies and improves the control of their homes.


Automated shades give you the control of  opening and closing shades with a push of a button, and also enable you to utilize time clocks and sun sensors to do the same.  The advantage is that one does not have to be in the space to have the shades open and close at various times.  For example, you can program your shades to open in the morning and close at night automatically.  With a sun sensor, the sun's position in the sky is monitored and shades are closed automatically when necessary.  This convenient feature protects your furnishings from sun damage and provides additional security when not at home .



On a hot, sunny day, automated shades will block the sun and therefore your air conditioning needs to work less.  This reduces your energy consumption.



You can program your automated shades to close when you are away, therefore people outside cannot see inside.  When you are home, automated shades provide privacy.



This allows one to play music in each part of their home.  You can select digital music such as Pandora, Syrius, I-Tunes Personal Library and internet radio and have them streamed throughout your home.  You can play the same music throughout the whole house or have different music in each room.  One person can listen to sports in their room while someone else is listening to country music in their room.  Speakers are installed throughout the home- both interior and exterior- and allows one to maximize their listening pleasure like never before, no matter where they are. 


Video distribution allows one to centrally locate their cable boxes, video movie library server, Apple TV, and  satellite receivers. By doing so, one can access any one of these video sources at any time, on any tv, in any room.  To accomplish this ARA will install an audio/video rack in a central location and connect the video source signals to the tvs throughout the home.



There are both wired and wireless.  With the amount of audio and video streaming such as Neflix, Syrius, etc. one needs to structure their network to prevent disruption and allow for maximum, seamless enjoyment.  ARA accomplishes this by designing a system not only for ones’ needs today but for the future as well.



Automation could be a basic, hand-held phone or tablet to an advanced table-top touch panel that allows one to control all the systems in their home.

When you want to control your lighting, shades, temperature, video, and security from a central control, ARA designs a system that allows this to happen seamlessly.